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Suri Fiber

We offer fiber from our own herd of beautiful Suri Alpacas, available in both natural and hand-dyed colors. The suri alpaca has silky and lustrous, penciled fiber that grows in “dreadlocks” hanging down their side, giving them a very elegant look. The fiber can be carded for spinning into yarn, blended with other fibers, or spun right from the locks for a textured Art Yarn. It can be used as embellishment in needle felting projects or to create interest in wet felting projects. It can be woven with, decorated with, even knit or crocheted. Longer lengths of Suri Alpaca are highly sought after by doll makers to be used for doll hair. See Using Suri Fiber for Doll Hair. For Suri Fiber that's been separated into locks, see Suri Locks. Interested in dyeing fiber? Try our Gaywool Dyes.
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