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Gaywool Dyes

Gaywool Dyes are exported from Australia and widely known and used by spinners, weavers, felt makers and dyers worldwide. They are safe, economical and colorfast, ideal for all, from the first time user to the experienced fiber artist. They are formulated specifically for raw or spun wool. The formulation includes the mordant and dye bath acidifier and thus all that is necessary to produce true to type color fast dyeing. Gaywool dyes are excellent on alpaca, wool, cashmere, mohair, silk, nylon and fur (but not on other synthetic fibers) and for re-dyeing light colored manufactured garments. Gaywool dyes are simple, complete, and fun! We are sure you will be delighted with their performance and simplicity.

The Originals come in a vibrant color range with Bush Blends being softer shades such as are found in nature.

Inspired by the colors of Tasmania, the explanation of the Gaywool name is quite interesting. It starts with some colorful early history and carriers through to the present day.

Gaywool Dye Instructions

Gaywool Dyes Have a Colorful History

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