The Alpacas

Why do we raise alpacas?  First and foremost, we fell in love!  One visit to an alpaca farm and we were hooked… gentle, inquisitive, and beautiful!  Gentle by nature, there is a peacefulness about alpacas, that brings a calmness to those nearby.  Each alpaca with their own disposition, it brings pleasure to watch and observe how they interact with each other, and meander about during the day.  We enjoy the alpaca lifestyle and all that living on a farm has to offer.  We are grateful to have taken the plunge into alpacas when our children were young … it was a wonderful experience that we all could be a part of … and now we enjoy with our grandchildren! We spent time in the show ring in the early days of raising alpacas, learned so much, and meant many, wonderful people.  Today our focus is on fiber production, the end product, and exploring the many uses of this fabulous natural fiber.

Find out The Facts about Alpacas and then learn about The Fiber.  Be sure to spend some time in our Online Store and see the wonderful items made from the alpacas’ luxurious fiber.  If you’re in our area, hope you’ll visit our Farm Store.


Huacaya Females

Suri Females

Our Cria

There have been many babies (cria) born at Alpaca Meadows over the years, and there’s nothing more fun than watching them race around the pasture together!  Enjoy pictures of this year’s cria, our first one of the season, born the end of April during the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  We named her Hope, something we all need right now.

On the left is Hope with her sister, Shiya, getting acquainted.  On Day Two, she was already watching and mimicking her mother getting a drink, then eating hay.  A few days later, I actually saw her with a blade of grass in her mouth.  They learn by watching and they learn quickly!

We also had two males born, named them Eli (on the left) and Salem (on the right).  They were born just three days apart and are already best friends!

Want to know more about alpacas?  Read The Facts about Alpacas and click here for alpaca related posts on our Farm Blog.  Check out this video to learn the basics about alpacas and the alpaca industry. This video was produced by Alpaca Owners Association, Inc.