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We raise both Suri and Huacaya Alpacas. There are different grades of alpaca fiber, each with its own end use, depending on the degree of softness. Generally speaking, the first fleece from an alpaca is the very softest though some alpacas maintain their softness for a number of years. This fiber is used for items worn close to the skin. The fineness of the fiber lessens as the animal ages. Genetics, environment, and stress all play a factor in the quality of the fiber. Even the "not as soft" fiber can be made into beautiful and soft products such as felt or rug yarn.

We shear our herd every Spring, so our inventory of fiber will vary throughout the year. At this time, our Huacaya fiber gets made into yarn. Some of our Suri fiber is made into yarn, and some we offer in it's almost raw form. Colors are determined using the Alpaca Registry color chart and we try to accurately portray those colors in our images as best that we can, though color may vary from one computer monitor to another.