Picnic With Alpacas

Imagine a peaceful afternoon spent in the company of our beautiful alpacas, surrounded by the beauty of nature. At Alpaca Meadows, our “Picnic With Alpacas” experience offers you just that—a unique opportunity to enjoy a leisurely picnic while getting up close and personal with these charming creatures.

What to Expect

Relax and Unwind
Find a cozy spot in our pasture, set up your picnic, and enjoy the serene environment. Our alpacas will graze nearby, maybe even wander close, curious and gentle, making for a truly magical experience.

Meet Our Alpacas
Alpacas are curious, but shy.  They are apt to move away if you walk towards them, but may come to you if you sit quietly and wait.  Most do not want to be petted, though we do have a few exceptions.  Each has a unique personality and behaviors.

Time to Shop
Our Farm Store will be open … browse our unique alpaca fiber products, including hand-spun yarn, handmade goods, and more!

What to Bring

  • A blanket or chairs for seating
  • Your favorite picnic foods and beverages
  • Sunscreen and hats for sun protection
  • A camera to capture the memories
  • A sense of adventure and fun!


Schedule and Fees

Free Community Days
We are delighted to offer free “Picnic With Alpacas” days for the community this year on June 5th, July 3rd,  August 7th, and September 4th, the first Wednesday of the month, from 12PM to 2PM. It’s our way of giving back and sharing the joy of alpacas with everyone!

Fee Days
Our “Picnic With Alpacas” experience is available for a nominal fee on Monday thru Friday, 12pm-2pm.

  • $10 per person
  • Children under 2 are free
  • Reservations are required.
  • Contact us to schedule a Picnic With Alpacas.  Payment is required in advance, and will be refunded in the event of rain.


    Health and Safety

    Your safety and the well-being of our alpacas are our top priorities. We ask all guests to follow our guidelines.

    • Do not chase or scare the alpacas.
    • Respect the alpacas’ space and approach them calmly.
    • Do not step behind an alpaca.  Any large animal is apt to kick if they feel, but cannot see what is behind them.
    • Wash your hands after interacting with the animals.


    Book Your Picnic Today!

    Ready to create unforgettable memories with our alpacas? Reserve your spot for a “Picnic With Alpacas” at Alpaca Meadows today, or join us on one of our free days. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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