Giving Back

As we have paved a way in the world for our alpaca farm and business, we have been rewarded with the ability to sustain a life for our family and our animals. Now we have recognized that our business has a Social Responsibility. We love being able to give back to organizations devoted to improving and enriching people’s lives through better health and education, through environmental responsibility and fair trade, through relationships between people and God, not only within our communities, but around the world. This is our commitment.

Matthew 25 MinistriesMatthew 25 Outreach CenterGuatemalan TextilesHandwoven Guatemalan Items at Alpaca Meadows
Support African ArtisansAfrican Market Baskets at Alpaca Meadows

Sowing Hope Child Sponsorship ProgramSowing Hope Child Sponsorship Program

Healthy Communities

Crossroads Coffee and Tea

Quechua Benefit

World Vision