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Experience the peacefulness of our alpaca farm year-round with an array of special events. Our calendar kicks off with Spring Farm Days, when the air is alive with joyous energy of new beginnings.

Unwind in our Yoga with Alpacas sessions.  Enjoy a harmonious blend of relaxation and animal companionship that rejuvenates both body and soul.

As the sun reaches its zenith, you won’t want to miss Summer Market Days.  Picture a bustling marketplace in the middle of our alpaca farm, brimming with local artisans and delectable treats.

As the seasons shift and the landscape transforms, plan a visit for Fall Farm Days.  Celebrate harvest delights and autumnal splendor.

Cap off the year with Christmas at Alpaca Meadows, where twinkling lights and festive cheer abound.  Shop for Christmas amidst a magical ambience that all will enjoy.

Look for Alpaca Meadows at this event:

Autumn Fiber Festival
Richland County Fairgrounds
Mansfield, Ohio
October 19th and 20th, 2024

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While exploring our farm, don’t miss the opportunity to browse through our Farm Store. You’ll find a treasure trove of alpaca-inspired delights that beckon to be discovered. Shop for cozy winter essentials, unique holiday gifts, or a special souvenir to remember your visit.  Our Farm Store offers a curated selection that embodies the spirit of our beloved alpacas.

For those eager to learn more about our furry residents, embark on a Self-guided Tour and read fascinating “fencepost facts” that offer intriguing insights into the world of alpacas. There’s no admission fee for these tours available during Farm Store Hours.

Consider scheduling a Farm Tour tailored for groups.  Or indulge in the ultimate alpaca encounter with a personalized Alpaca Walk. Revel in the opportunity to forge a deep connection with these gentle creatures as you stroll through the surroundings of our farm.

Join us at our alpaca farm, where every visit promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of rural tranquility and timeless charm. We look forward to welcoming you to our farm, where the spirit of the season thrives year-round.


In addition to our special events, we also offer a diverse range of Classes, catering to enthusiasts of various fiber arts disciplines. Our classes include the intricate art of needle and wet felting to the timeless crafts of crocheting, knitting, and spinning.  Classes provide the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill, or hone your skills. Unleash your creativity in the company of fellow enthusiasts.


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