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Experience alpacas up close and personal by taking an alpaca for a walk! Breathe the fresh air, enjoy the beauty of nature around you, exhale, relax, de-stress, and get one-on-one with an alpaca that is to be your hiking buddy for the duration of your Alpaca Walk.

Once registered, contact us or call (419) 529-8152 to schedule your Alpaca Walk. If you'd prefer to work out a date before you register, that's fine too.

  • All walks must be pre-booked and are available Monday through Friday, 8am-11am during the Summer, and Saturday from 9:30am until 11am. Hours will vary throughout year based on weather and comfort of the alpacas.
  • Alpaca Walks are most enjoyable in nice weather, but can be scheduled year round with the exception of the month of December. We are open to Alpaca Walks during winter months as long as it is not muddy, icy, raining or snowing, (which does make it difficult to schedule). Though you may reserve a winter date, we cannot guarantee that date until checking the weather conditions the day before.
  • Alpacas are herd animals so a minimum of two alpacas must be taken out for Alpaca Walks, with a maximum of four alpacas per Walk.
  • Children must be at least 12 years old to walk an alpaca on their own. Children aged 8 to 12 may walk an alpaca providing that each child is accompanied by an adult, who will have a second lead on the alpaca. For younger children, check out our Farm Tours. You are also welcome to see the alpacas from outside the fence during our regular Farm Store hours, and to do that there is no fee and no appointment necessary.
  • Please wear comfortable, close-toed shoes, boots with good traction in the winter and mud season in the Spring, no flip flops or sandals, appropriate footwear for walking.
  • Dress for the weather and expect wet grass from morning dew.
  • If the forecast looks bad, we will contact you the evening before (via email/text or call) that there is a risk of cancellation. We will make a final decision on the morning of the day in question and again contact you. If we have to cancel a walk, we will reschedule at a mutually agreed upon time. If you are travelling and rescheduling is not an option, a refund will be issued.
  • Please be sure to use bug repellent before you arrive.
  • We are sorry, but we do not have public restrooms.
  • Our alpacas are not used to dogs so we have a strict no dog policy on our farm.

Find out more about our Alpaca Walks here.

For a souvenir to remind you of your visit to Alpaca Meadows, be sure to see our Alpaca Teddies and Friends. Alpaca Walks make great gifts! If you've wanting to gift an Alpaca Walk, leave a note when checking out and we'll email you a Gift Certificate.

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