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Ashford Skein Holder and Skein Winder

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This yarn skeiner (skein winder) made by Ashford is tensioned and adjustable. It holds or makes skeins from 40"- 78" (1-2m).

- Make or hold a variety of skein lengths with the adjustable, lock-in pegs.
- Adjustable tension guides to suit a wide range of yarn from fine to bulky art yarns.
- Smooth, effortless winding on nylon bearings.
- Holds up to (3 1/4lbs) 1.5kg of yarn.

***ASHFORD PRODUCTS SHIP DIRECTLY TO YOU FROM THE MANUFACTURER IN NEW ZEALAND*** When in stock, you can expect to receive your order within 5-7 business days, once your order has been processed. Ashford products come in and out-of-stock, and sometimes are back-ordered for several months. For information on availability, PLEASE CONTACT US PRIOR TO ORDERING.

As per our agreement with Ashford, we can sell to customers in the United States only. Find an Ashford dealer in the country you live by clicking here.

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