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Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball

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What is an Alpaca Bird Nesting Ball, you ask? It is a ball, made of grapevine and stuffed full of Alpaca Fiber, sometimes Mohair too, for the birds to pluck out and carry away to build nests for their young! Alpaca fiber is very soft, and very warm. Can you just imagine what a comfortable nest a mama bird could build for her babies! The grapevine balls are approximately 4" in diameter and generously filled with 3 ounces or more of alpaca fiber inside, and sticking out of them. Nesting balls hang from a piece of jute, and can be hung on a branch or tied. If you put feeders out for the birds, you may want to hang a nesting ball nearby. Be sure to see the picture of the birdhouse ... birds really do use this fiber and I frequently find it when cleaning out birdhouses in the Fall.

Alpaca Bird Nesting Balls can be refilled and used year after year. Refilling them is just a matter of pushing fiber through the holes of the grapevine ball with a pencil, knitting needle, screwdriver, your finger, or some other pokey thing.

Fiber from both breeds of alpacas in a variety of natural colors is used in the nesting balls, and comes from the alpacas that we raise on our farm in Mansfield, Ohio. Did you know that there are two breeds of alpacas? One is called a Suri, the other a Huacaya. Suri fiber grows vertical to the alpaca's body, and huacaya grows horizontal. The Suri is very elegant, the Huacaya is very cute! That's the difference.

Alpaca Bird Nesting Balls make unique gifts for bird loving friends, hard-to-buy-for family members, and gift exchanges. They can also be used as Christmas ornaments. Or enjoy one, two, or three in your own backyard! Discounted pricing given for the purchase of multiple balls.

Each ball is custom made and may look slightly different than what is pictured.

For Alpaca Stuffing to refill your nesting ball, click here. This fiber has been washed, which probably isn't necessary for the birds, but clean fiber is nicer to work with.

For a kit to make your own Alpaca Bird Nesting Balls, click here.

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