Yardage Requirements for Suri Rug Yarn Projects

I’ve been having Rug Yarn made from our Suri seconds.  Morning Star Fiber Mill in Apple Creek, Ohio does a nice job with this.  Some I’ve had blended with a similar grade of wool to help the suri hold together and prevent shedding.  The last batch of suri was a little longer length.  In fact I may have sent some blankets of some of our older girls, if I remember right.  Need to write these things down, because the remembering part is definitely a challenge!

 Super Bulky Suri Alpaca Yarn

This is some of our Super Bulky Suri Alpaca Yarn, otherwise known as Rug Yarn.  There is approximately 140 yards on a bump.  It does make lovely rugs, so soft and warm, though I have used it for other things such as coasters, trivets, purses, baskets, yarn bowls, and pet beds.  A real treat for your pet, by the way!

Super Bulky Suri Alpaca Yarn
Multi-colored Light

Super Bulky Suri Alpaca Yarn - Multi-Colored Dark
Multi-colored Dark

I’ve scribbled down lots of notes as I’ve been working, and FINALLY I’m going to attempt to write down some patterns and give you some yardages.


This will be a series of posts as I gather together the information for each project.  I am not a professional pattern writer, nor a mathemetician.   If you find corrections that need to be made, please let me know.

Yards divided by Ounces = Yards Per Ounce

Knowing that there is 140 yards on a bump of our Suri Rug Yarn, and a bump weighs 53 ounces, I need to divide yards by ounces to figure how many yards in one ounce.

I usually use a Size S hook.  Yardages for rug yarn made with huacaya or other fibers will differ.  Suri averages 4.5 yards per ounce.  Click on the links below for the pattern I used.  These projects all use the same basic pattern.

Coaster – 6 yards
Trivet – 13 yards
Yarn Bowl (7″ x 4″) – 35 yards
Yarn Bowl with Handles (8″ x 7″) – 64 yards
Small Basket with Handles ( 13″ x 9″ x 9″) – 50 Yards
Medium Basket – 112 yards
Large Basket (14″ x 14″) – 206 yards
Small Round Rug (20″) – 52 yards
Medium Round Rug – 87 yards
Small Pet Bed – (19″ x 4″) – 126 yards
Large Oval Rug (24″ x 44″) – 252 yards

Alpaca Rug Yarn CoasterAlpaca Rug Yarn BowlAlpaca Rug Yarn Basket with HandlesSmall Alpaca Bucket Basket

These projects all use the same basic pattern.  (This will be a post for a later date).

Little Purse with Strap (6″ x 2.5″ x 7″)- 25 yards
Medium Purse/Bag with Handles (11″ x  6″ x 10.5″) – 60 yards
Medium Purse with Strap (12″ x 3.5″ x 10″) – 55 yards
Large Bag with Strap (20″ x 12″ x5″) – 115 yards

IMG_1065Medium Rug Yarn Purse with HandleMedium Rug Yarn Purse with StrapLarge Rug Yarn Purse with Strap