Winner – The Slugs Have It!

The winner of the Hope of Spring Treasury is the SLUGS Fleece Boot Liners !

And they have already sold! 
Visit Those Alaskan Girls Etsy shop for more great SLUGS and SLUGGIES, Handmade on an island, in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Here is what Those Alaskan Girls say about themselves …

We are two Alaskan girls who love to create things when the rain is pouring buckets outside!  We have been crafting together since middle school, and have both moved back to our hometown and picked back up where we left off!  We love to take pictures, and hope you will enjoy looking at the Alaskan scenery that will be showcased throughout our site!

Melissa has been sewing since she was in grade school, and has taken up jewelry making, crocheting, recycle~crafting, and more, in the recent years.

Rayana was taught authentic Alaska Native crafting techniques by her grandmother, who was taught by her mother. Rayana has a massive supply of beads from her Great Grandmother, that she uses in her handmade treasures. She has also recently taken up sewing.


Congratulations to our winner and thank you to those that voted!