Will You Look At Him Now?

I love this picture, not sure why since you can’t see their sweet faces, something about mother and son walking side by side.

Kilki and Hugo

Mom’s name is Kilki, one of the very first females that we purchased eight years ago, when we first started raising alpacas.  She is an import meaning she came to our country from South America.  It also means that due to the travel, the quarantine period, and the stressful conditions they endured, these imports including our Kilki tended to be fearful and because of this, hard to handle.

She did, over time, settle in on our farm and learn to trust us.  That is very gratifying for me…to earn an animal’s trust.  She once prematurely aborted a baby, I believe due to heat stress, and required some help in delivering her dead cria.  It was amazing to me how she knew she needed help, and she knew we could help her.  I remember my husband stroking her head and encouraging her during this very difficult time.  She trusted him.

So here are some baby pictures of our little “Hugo”…

He was the first alpaca we ever sold, and it was bittersweet, excitement over the sale to a well-established farm that believed we had something nice, but oh so sad to see our babies go…

Will you look at him now?

Hershey’s Hugo is now standing stud in Oregon at Alpacas of Tualatin Valley .  Owner, Lona Frank has been raising alpacas since 1988.  I know he is well taken care of, AND has now sired many fine babies of his own…

If you live in Lona’s part of the country, and are in the market for colored suri or huacayas, Lona is the gal to call!