What Is Needle Felting?

Needle Felting is a craft that is easy to learn, inexpensive to do, and fun!  You can create flat objects or three dimensional objects. 
Felting Needles are straight needles with barbs cut along the shaft. When repeatedly pushed into a tuft of wool fibers, the barbs pull the fibers down, compressing and locking them together. The barbs are cut in one direction so that felting or matting together of the fibers will occur when the needle is pushed in and not when it is pulled out.
These were done in a heart cookie cutter shape with fiber I cleaned out of my drum carder – waste not, want not. So very easy!
I ran across a website called The Silver Penney.  She has posted some helpful Needle Felting Basics for Felting a Flat Shape, (without a cookie cutter) and a very helpful video on Needle Felting a 3-D Object.
This is Alpaca Felting Fiber in some shades for your Valentine’s Day projects!  It has not been carded but only needs pulled apart slightly and works great on small projects.
I’ve added a pin to the back so that it can be worn.
Or given as a Valentine.