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Strauch Carder - Mad Batt'r


Strauch Carder - Mad Batt'r SH-091005

Our customers requested a Strauch-quality carder that would produce those wonderful, outrageous "art batts" full of exciting fibers and textures.

We now offer the Strauch Model 302 "Mad Batt'r" artdrum carder as part of our regular product line. This carder has deeper and coarser carding cloth on the large drum to accommodate all the fun add-ins that make these art batts say spin me!

The machine is built on the standard 200 series 4" tall solid ash-wood frame and, like all my drum carders, uses the unique "Slicker-Licker" cloth on the small drum. As with all of our 200 series carders, the Mad Batt'r has a 4:1 turning ratio.

The brush attachment makes it easier to control the type of art batt you are making. The batts produced are 8" wide and 27" long.

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Size Single Wide (0) Double Wide (300)
Strauch Carder - Mad Batt'r Strauch Carder - Mad Batt'r

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