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Santa Needle Felting Supply Pack

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If you've attended a Santa Needle Felting Class at Alpaca Meadows, this is a supply pack with all the materials needed to make another Santa. Instructions are not included (but are in the works). The finished Santa will stand about 5" tall, depending on how tightly the stuffing is packed.

You will also need a felting surface and needles, if you don't already have them. Please see our Felting Supplies.

The Supply Pack includes the following:

Stuffing - Clean Alpaca Fiber (generous amount for stuffing)
Nylon Stocking - to stuff
Yarn - Tie tie off and create head
Red Roving - Santa body and hat, nose, mouth
Flesh Roving - Face
White Roving - Hat trim, and coat trim (if desired), mustached, eyebrows
Black Roving - eyeballs and mouth
Beard Fiber

Click Classes to see the classes offered at Alpaca Meadows.

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