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Needle Felted Bunny

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This needle felted Bunny Rabbit is one-of-a-kind and was needle felted using alpaca wool fiber. His name, unless you decide to change it, is Jed! He had quite a find in the garden this morning, a giant carrot almost too big for him to carry! He is a brown bunny with four white feet, pink inside his ears and tip of nose, has a fluffy white tail, and a handsome smile. He wears a green striped cotton scarf around his neck. Seated, he is about 7 1/2" to the tip of his bunny ears. He would make the perfect addition to your Easter table, or unique gift for someone special!

Did you know that a group of rabbits is called a herd, just like alpacas, and the place they live called a warren?

Needle felting is the process of repeatedly pushing a barbed needle into a tuft of fiber, agitating, compressing, and locking the fiber together into a more dense mass of fiber. This rabbit is made from fiber produced by alpacas at Alpaca Meadows, and takes many hours of felting to complete. Each felted piece is a labor of love.

Though soft and wonderful to touch, this felted bunny is not intended for unsupervised play or for children under 3 years, as loose fibers may cause a choking hazard.

You might like to check out our Needle Felting Kits, as well as Classes offered at Alpaca Meadows!

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