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Long Suri Alpaca Locks, Cedar, 10 Inches, Pearl

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These Long Suri Alpaca Locks are the prime fiber grown by a suri alpaca named "Pearl". The locks are hand-dyed with Gaywool dyes, a color called Cedar. The locks of fiber average approximately 10" / 25.4cm in length. Long Suri Locks make gorgeous doll hair. They can also be used in tail or core spinning, carded and spun into beautiful silky yarn, or used in a variety of different felting projects. They also are quite fun to use in knittng and crochet projects.
I would not recommend combing this fiber, but rather using a dreadlocks for doll hair, or leaving locks intact for use in other projects. The tips are fragile and break easily, due to the fineness of the fiber and time that it was on the alpaca before shearing.

This listing is for two ounces (28g) of suri fiber.

Suris have a fine fiber, with different degrees of fineness based on the age of the alpaca, nutrition, and environment where the alpaca lives. Fineness is measured in microns and is graded according to this chart:

Grade 1 Ultra Fine (less than 20 microns)
Grade 2 Superfine (20-22.99 microns)
Grade 3 Fine (23-25.99 microns)
Grade 4 Medium (26-28.99 microns)
Grade 5 Intermediate (29-31.99 microns)
Grade 6 Robust (32 microns and above)

Though I'm not a Certified Sorter, I handle lots of fiber, and would consider this fiber to be Superfine. It is the first shearing from this alpaca.

Doll makers love using suri locks for doll hair. These locks can be left just as is and sewn into a weft to attach directly onto a doll cap.

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