Alpaca … warmer than wool, softer than cashmere!

Handwoven and Leather Case


Handwoven and Leather Case 18312
This colorful handwoven case is a chic way to carry your cash, cards, keys, pencils, even crochet hooks. Each case is lined, with full-length zipper closure, a zippered compartment on the front, a leather handle, and stylish leather detailing at the top and on the front. Purse measures 4.5” H x 7.5” W.

This beautiful item is handwoven by a women's Weaving Ministry in Ixcan, Guatemala. Not only is weaving a learned skill that helps to sustain the women’s families, it provides stress relief from dealing with life in a third world country, and gives the weavers a sense of purpose. There’s something beautiful about helping to give another woman some purpose in her life.

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