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Alpaca Mohair Art Yarn - Black, Grey, Blue, White

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This thick and thin, very textured, bulky art yarn was hand spun from uncarded locks of natural Suri and Huacaya alpaca fiber from our own alpacas, along with Mohair from our Angora goats. Natural colors include White, Black, and Grey. The blue color was hand-dyed using a Gaywool Dye dye called Musk. This super soft yarn was plied with Cotton crochet thread that is black, and white, and beige. Fluffy tufts of fiber and wispy curls protruding, make this bouncy, springy yarn fun to work. Weavers love the visual appeal it adds to woven pieces. Or just unwind, and wear as is!

This art yarn would make a very unique hat, headband, scarf, cowl, or purse. It is also very pretty when used as an embellishment with other yarn. Unique gift for a fiber friend!

11 yards
6.2 ounces
3 wpi

Suri Fiber used in my art yarns is available here.

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