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** NEW PRODUCT ** Mini Hand Cards

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Wood base: 2" x 3/4", 128 teeth/sq. inch

Great for carding small amounts of fiber for your creative projects. Blend color for needle felted sculptures or art pieces. Yes, they are similar to our popular Hand Card Cleaner, but with longer handles.

For a comfortable feel, the handles are 5” long and round (just like the inside of your hand when you close your fingers).

The carding cloth pad measures 3/4” wide by 2” long. The pin density is 128 TPI, fine enough for precise blending of fiber.

What makes Strauch Hand Cards special?

  1. They are made entirely of light weight poplar wood.
  2. Our handles are designed to fit in your hand. When you close your hand, notice that your fingers and palm form a cylinder. Having straight handles makes each pair comfortable and easy to use.
  3. The wood on our hand cards are sealed with Watco Danish Oil and need only to be occasionally cleaned with a high quality liquid lemon oil furniture polish.
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