We’ve had many, many people visit our farm, probably should have kept a count over the years since we acquired our first alpacas in 2002.  We even had a Mystery Tour one time, meaning that the folks piling off of the charter bus had no idea where they were going until they got to our farm.  I admired them for their sense of adventure, but would recommend not wearing high heels to anyone thinking of doing this… just in case!

Friendly House VisitsFarm Visit in July 2013You Want to Pet a Chicken?Harmony-House-VisitsColumbus Knitting Group Visits
 Kids Walk an Alpaca Friends and Flowers Garden Club The Learning Center in Ashland, Ohio Colony Club Columbus Knitting Group Visits
 Sonshine Child Care Columbus Knitting Group Visits Sonshine Child Care Sonshine Child Care Friendly House Visits
 Sonshine Child Care Sonshine Child Care Kids Walk an Alpaca You Want to Pet a Chicken? Sonshine Child Care
Friendly House VisitsColumbus Knitting Group Visits
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IMG_3012 (500x640) Ariella Greets Visitors
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