Patterns with texture nearly always catch my eye, and this is one of them, well two of them! I made both the Wanderlust Scarf and the Wanderlust Beanie out of Paca Paints Alpaca Yarn by The Alpaca Yarn Company. This wonderful yarn is a DK weight yarn and as the name suggests, it’s hand painted, and it’s 100% alpaca. If you’ve worked with pure alpaca before, you can imagine this yarn is very soft, and that it is! It has beautiful drape, and feels just lovely against my skin, and so warm around my neck. The beautiful multi-colored shades of color throughout this yarn add to the beauty of this textured scarf.

Both Free Crochet Patterns are Kirsten Holloway Designs. If you have mastered basic stitches such as single crochet, half-double, and double crochet, this is a fun way to play around with them in new ways.

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