Spinach In The Bread Drawer, Oh My!

So I am TRYING to start out the New Year by keeping a Food Journal
and making an eating plan each day.  This SO helps me not to get into trouble eating too much!  It probably will be a good day if I know by morning what I will eat the rest of the day.  There also is far less stress if I know BEFORE 5pm what I will fix for my family for dinner that night.

So I had planned on making Spinach Salad with Steak and Blueberries.

I’ve made it before and everyone liked it!  I had the ingredients, even had made a second trip to the store to get more blueberries.  My almost two grandson Clayton loves blueberries, he had come to visit and ate the entire container, probably $5.00 worth of blueberries!

He should be full of anti-oxidants … my little Blueberry Mouse!

So I get out the blueberries, the walnuts, the feta cheese, the vinegar, the oil, make the dressing, defrost the steak, cook the steak, set the table while the steak cools a little, slice the steak, and get out a big bowl to mix it all in.  I open the refrigerator to get out the new bag of spinach my husband had just bought, and I can’t find the spinach!  I used it that morning in my omelette.  I KNOW we have spinach, but I can’t find it.  I looked everywhere, even in the trash can!  I am frustrated now, can you feel it?

My husband had a meeting to get to, I could not find the spinach, we ate sliced steak for dinner!

Well you already know if you read the title to this post, my son found the spinach in the bread drawer later that evening!  Guess what we’re having for dinner tonight?

Oh, the things I didn’t know about turning 50, and I’ve been there a few years already!  So if you have these kind of things happen to you, just know you are not alone.