Alpacas are herd animals, and when one does it, they all do!

Alpacas Venture Out in the Snow!

Whether it is going to the barn, to the pasture, waking up, going to sleep, or using the dung pile, I find myself wondering…
“so, whose idea was it”?

More Alpacas In the Snow

After days in the barn, one of them must have decided, “we are out of here”!

More Alpacas In the Snow

They made lots of tracks in the new fallen snow…


And almost seemed surprised to see all the white stuff!


They ran and played…


And looked for something, anything green…

Alpacas Looking for Something Green


Some would have rather stayed in the barn…

Ladyhoo and Mayflower

It wasn’t grass but it would have to do!

Miss Miami

Some posed for pictures…

Champa Eating Snow

Others ate snow!

Lacy Lady and Friends

They were curious to see all that was new, happy to be out of the barn, and it was one of those times that I stopped my work…to watch…and enjoy…our beautiful alpacas!