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Suri Alpaca Fiber - Citrus, Medium Brown

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Suri Alpaca Fiber is full of natural curl and twist, and is wonderful whether you card and spin it, blend it with other fibers, spin it right from the locks for a textured art yarn, use in fiber painting, for embellishing in felting and craft projects, weave with it, or even work the locks of fiber into your knitting. Many doll makers are using suri fiber for doll hair!

Luxurious Suri fiber is dyed with Gaywool color Citrus, and Medium Brown, a natural color.

Fiber in this package is from several different alpacas. It ranges in length from 4 Inches - 5 Inches and contains 3.5 Ounces of suri fiber.

What Are Suri Alpacas?

Suri alpacas are distinguished in the camelid family by their unique fiber characters. The fiber grows parallel to the body while hanging in long, separate, distinctive locks. Its artistic style enhances the graceful appearance of the animal compared to the soft, wooly look of huacaya alpacas.

Suri fiber locks, made up of high-luster fibers, drape down the sides of the body in a twisted or flat form of various size. Suri fiber has a slick hand and softness with an exquisite luster.

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