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Suri Alpaca Fiber, 6 Inches, Medium Brown, "Mabelle"

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This is the prime fiber grown by a suri alpaca named "Mabelle", and the color is medium brown. The locks average approximately 6", meaning there may be some fiber shorter than this and some longer. At eleven years old, Mabelle's fiber is not as soft as it once was, but is easy to separate into locks and perfect for doll hair! It could also be used in felting, craft, and weaving projects.

Suris have a fine fiber, with different degrees of fineness based on the age of the alpaca, nutrition, and environment where the alpaca lives. Fineness is measured in microns and is graded according to this chart:

Grade 1 Ultra Fine (less than 20 microns)
Grade 2 Superfine (20-22.99 microns)
Grade 3 Fine (23-25.99 microns)
Grade 4 Medium (26-28.99 microns)
Grade 5 Intermediate (29-31.99 microns)
Grade 6 Robust (32 microns and above)

Though I am not a certified sorter, I have handled lots of suri fiber and in my unprofessional opinion would consider the fineness of this fiber to be Intermediate fineness.

Each package contains 2 ounces of fiber.

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