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Strauch Carder - Mad Batt'r

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Customers requested a Strauch-quality drum carder that would produce those wonderful, outrageous "art batts" full of exciting fibers and textures. Strauch now offers the "Mad Batt'r" art drum carder as part of their regular product line. This carder has deeper pins (1/2" long) and coarser carding cloth (72 teeth per sq. in.) on the large drum to accommodate all the fun add-ins that make these art batts say "Spin me!"

Thick batts weighing more than 2 ounces can easily be made. The Brush Attachment makes it easier to control the type of art batt you are making.

Naturally, it also has the unique Slicker-Licker cloth on the small drum. As with all of our 200 Series carders, the Mad Batt'r has a 4:1 turning ratio. The three working tools (batt picker, doffer brush, dabber brush), as well as a set of table clamps, are included with each carder.

However, as of Jan. 1, 2016, the Mad Batt'r will be built on a 6" tall solid ash-wood frame (just like the Finest series). It easily allows for future upgrading to the motorized version. An added benefit is that the handle swings free of the table.

For those who want to make really wide and thick "Art-batts", the "Mad Batt'r Double Wide" model is available. This model has drums twice as wide as the regular Mad Batt'r.

Other than size, this doublewide drum carder has the identical features and benefits as the singlewide version. It comes complete with the same accessories as the singlewide including the Brush Attachment.

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