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Floor Swift/Skeinwinder Mini

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The new Strauch Mini Swift/Skeinwinder has all of the same great features as the standard model, but in a compact size. The length of the swift arms and the center dowel have been reduced, making the Mini:

Easy to pack in a suitcase for travel

Perfect for those with limited reach

Ideal for use in workshops and at retreats

If you already have a Standard Swift/Skeinwinder and also want a Mini, you need only to purchase the Mini umbrella section. It fits into both of our standard floor and table bases.

All of our Swifts are treated with Watco penetrating oil finish. When necessary, they can be cleaned with a high quality liquid lemon oil furniture polish.

The Mini Floor Swift/Skeinwinder stands 34" high and winds a one yard skein. The Standard Swift/Skeinwinder stands 42" high and winds up to a two yard skein.

Mini Umbrella Section fits both Floor and Table bases.

Works great with the Jumbo Ball Winder.

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1. Convertible. Screws into floor base to make a floor Swift.
2. Collapsible. Unscrew top knob and fold arms together for easy transport and storage. The three legs are easily removed by loosening each of the three locking thumbscrews.
3. Top knob and Teflon ring store under the floor base so they won't get lost during transport or storage.

Please Note: Our Mini Swift/Skeinwinder will hold a skein up to a maximum of ONE YARD in circumference. The standard size for many commercial skeins is one and a half yards in circumference or larger. If you will be working primarily with these larger commercial skeins we recommend our Standard Floor Swift/Skeinwinder. They will hold skeins up to two yards in circumference.

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