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Faroese Alpaca Shawl

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This wonderful triangular shawl is a traditional design by Cheri McEwen from the Faroe Islands. The distinguishing feature of their shawls is the lovely center back gusset shaping. This super soft shawl is crocheted in shades of blues and greys and purples, in two different types of yarn. One yarn is our Paca Paints yarn, hand painted and is 100% alpaca, the other is an alpaca yarn called Astral that is blended with tencel, which gives it a pretty sheen. The shawl has a lacy stitch pattern and ruffled border, is luxuriously soft, and is a piece that can be enjoyed for a long time, throughout the year.

The shawl measures approximately 29 inches from the top to the point of the triangle and 66 inches across the top edge.

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