Selling Alpacas is Bittersweet

Oliver Twist
We sold two of our Fall babies last week, Oliver Twist and Sultan, to a young boy who plans on doing alpacas for his 4-H project. It’s what we do, raise alpacas and sell alpacas but it is definitely bittersweet, we wait so long to have our babies, then raise them up and love them, hate to see those babies go!
From time to time, we do have alpacas that we sell as pets, much less expensively than a breeding quality alpaca.  Not all can be used for breeding purposes for one reason or another, and can make very nice pets.  They are very intelligent and easily trained.

When I say pet, I don’t mean like a dog.  They are still considered livestock, herd animals, that need the companionship of another alpaca and to be out in a pasture grazing.

Kids love alpacas and most alpacas have an affinity for children.  With no natural means of protecting themselves, perhaps they are less threatened by the smaller size of a child.
Raising alpacas gives children the opportunity to learn basic skills needed to care for a pet, a chance to get involved in 4-H or FFA, and exposure to the world of fiber arts.
For more information on pet alpacas, check our website or contact us.  In Ohio, you may want to review the 2010 Project Requirements for 4-H.