Private Lessons – Knitting and Crochet

Been wanting to come to a class, but your schedule never coincides with mine?  Or you’ve come to a beginner’s class and now you’re ready for more?  Perhaps a private lesson is in order.  Some people learn easier one-on-one.  Schedule the day and time that works best for you.  An hour lesson is just $25 and you get a one-on-one lesson focused on what you need the most.  Choose a project you’d like to start on, or I can make suggestions.  Bring your own yarn, or choose any yarn in The Farm Store.

Check your calendar then call or contact us to schedule your private lesson!

Beginner Knitting

Transfix Alpaca Shawl

Knitting is the new yoga!  Learn to cast-on, knit, purl and bind-off, as well as an overview of knitting vocabulary, materials, accessories and more.

Beginner Crochet

Bulky Ribbed Crochet Scarf

Crochet is is enjoying a renaissance and is my personal favorite.  This cherished fiber art is faster than knitting, and easier to correct mistakes.  Yes, I make them!  Learn to crochet or refresh your memory.  Learn to create a foundation chain as well as single, half-double, double,  triple (treble) crochet stitches, or another stitch you’ve been wanting to learn. Get help reading patterns, as well as an overview of crochet vocabulary, materials, accessories and more.

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