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White Angora Wool

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Soft as can be, this white angora fiber is from our French Angora rabbit. His/her name was Fitzgerald until he/she had babies ... now we call her Mrs. Fitz ... oops! She has a great life living in our bunny shed on our alpaca farm in Mansfield, Ohio, with her babies, and Simon, father to the buns. They are all very friendly and get lots of attention from our grandchildren and visitors to our farm. They love their treats ... carrots, apples, mint, clover, and dandelions!

This fiber was hand harvested during bunny grooming sessions on my lap while getting treats and lots of love. It is raw, not washed or processed, and most but not all of the vegetable matter (bits of hay, leaves, etc) has been picked out. It is best to wash the fiber after it has been spun into yarn, rather than before, to prevent felting of the fiber. The same is true if you plan to dye angora.

This listing is for one ounce of angora fiber.

French Angoras, are extremely popular due to their great body style, and easy care coat. Their fiber halos beautifully. They are sweet mellow rabbits and have been a wonderful addition to our farm.

What I’ve Learned About Angora Rabbits

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