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The Alpaca Yarn Company

Take a look at the most luxurious alpaca yarn products in the world. The Alpaca Yarn Company strives to bring you the finest alpaca yarns found anywhere. Owner, Beth Lutz, has trained extensively in grading and sorting fiber, and she knows the yarn she sells. Beth, an alpaca owner herself, has a passion for developing all types of yarn from these fantastic animals and thinks of her work more like a dream than a job.

Be sure to see our Farm Yarn processed from the fiber of the alpacas at Alpaca Meadows! Keep your knitting and crochet projects in these Clear Project Bags. At a glance, you can be sure you have what you need when you're ready to knit/crochet. Alpaca Stitch Markers, Yarn Spindles, and Yarn Ball Winders are other nice-to-haves.