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Suri Fiber - Mustard, Garnet, Cornflower, Dark Brown

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Hand-Dyed Suri Fiber, carefully skirted, then washed, dyed, and laid in the sun to dry, ready to be carded for spinning, needle felting, weaving, even knitting or crocheting. Enjoy the soft, downy, luxurious suri fibers in an array of exquisite colors ready for use in a hand-made creation of your own. Let your imagination run free!

Fiber is packaged in two ounce quantities, enough to fill a sandwich size baggie.

Fiber in this package is from different alpacas and ranges in length from 4" - 7". Fiber was dyed with Gaywool dyes, colors used are Mustard, Garnet, and Cornflower. The Dark Brown is a natural color.

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