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Suri Art Yarn - Cedar, Citrus, Medium Brown

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This overspun, thick and thin, bulky art yarn was handspun from uncarded locks of Suri alpaca. It is plied with an Egyptian Cotton crochet thread and has fluffy tuffs of fiber and wispy curls of Suri protuding. It is luxuriously soft and wonderful to work with because of its lovely feel. The twist has not been set which which results in a bouncy, springy yarn that can be knit, crocheted, woven with, or worn as is!

This art yarn would make a very unique hat, headband, scarf, or cowl. It is also very pretty when used as an embellishment with other yarn. Suri art yarn also makes a very unique gift for a fiber friend!

20 yards.
5.7 ounces
6 wpi

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