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Suri Art Yarn - Cedar, Burnt Red

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This over spun, thick and thin, bulky art yarn was hand spun from uncarded locks of Suri alpaca. The fiber was hand-dyed before spinning with Gaywool colors, Cedar, and Burnt Red. It is plied with a light bronze Cotton crochet thread and has fluffy tuffs of fiber and wispy curls of Suri protruding. It is luxuriously soft and wonderful to work with because of its lovely feel. The twist has not been set which which results in a bouncy, springy yarn that can be knit, crocheted, woven with, or worn as is!

This art yarn would make a lovely scarf/cowl with a sweater, or a very unique gift! I have made purses, headbands, lariats, and used it as an accent with other yarns.

25 yards
7.8 ounces
3 wpi

Alpaca Farm Yarns are produced from the fleeces of our very own herd and reflect a year's work of tending alpacas, keeping them healthy and happy. Each Spring's shearing yields a harvest of delectable fiber which is carefully skirted and tumbled. Some fiber is sent to a small mill for processing and then hand-painted once returned to our farm. Other fiber is washed, hand-carded or left uncarded, hand-dyed, and hand-spun for a unique assortment of unique art yarn!

If you would like your yarn wound into a center pull ball, just let me know at the time of purchase. I am always happy to provide that service. Need a ball winder of your own? Be sure to see our Jumbo Ball Winders and Swifts.

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