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Suri Alpaca Locks, 7 Inches, White, Miss Miami

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These Suri Alpaca Locks are the prime fiber grown by an alpaca named "Miss Miami", 11 years old at time of shearing. Her fiber is not as fine as is was in younger years, but still lovely in the right application. Her locks average approximately 7" when pulled straight, from cut end to tip. This is an average length, meaning there may be some locks shorter and some longer. This fiber has been separated from the fleece into individual locks, all aligned in the same direction. It is white, according to The Alpaca Registry Color Chart, and has a very pretty, sheen to it.

Locks are available in two ounce packages. They are rubber banded in 1/2 ounce bundles.

This suri fiber is pre-rinsed and uncombed. It has been picked through to remove tiny bits of hay and debris picked up in the pasture, but may still contain small amounts of vegetable matter that can easily be picked out as you work with it. A final washing may be desired.

Suri is the rarer of the two alpaca breeds.

Locks of suri fiber make gorgeous doll hair. They locks can be rerooted, sewn into a weft to attach directly onto a doll cap, as well as other methods of making wigs for dolls.

Suri locks can be used in tail or core spinning, carded and spun into beautiful silky yarn, or used in felting projects. They also are fun to use in knitting and crochet projects.

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