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Suri Alpaca Fiber, 5 Inches, Dark Fawn, 2 Ounces, "Martha"

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This listing is the prime suri fiber grown by one of our females named "Martha", not quite seven years old at time of shearing. Her fiber is Dark Fawn, according to The Alpaca Registry Color Chart, with small amounts of Light Fawn throughout. It averages approximately 5" in length. This fiber has been skirted, washed, and is ready to use. This listing is for two ounces of fiber which fills a sandwich size zip lock baggie.

Suri fiber can be carded for spinning into a very lovely, silky yarn, blended with other fibers, used for tail or core spinning, or spun right from the locks for a textured art yarn. It is wonderful as embellishment in felting projects, fiber painting, can be woven with, decorated with, even knit or crocheted.

Doll makers also love suri fiber to use as doll hair. To separate locks of fiber to use as doll hair, simply look for the tip of each lock (versus the cut end) and pull away from the rest of the fiber.

The prime fiber, or blanket, comes from the area of an alpaca where a horse blanket would fit and is typically the finest, most uniform fleece from an adult alpaca.

Suris have a fine fiber, with different degrees of fineness based on the age of the alpaca, nutrition, and environment where the alpaca lives. This fiber is of Medium Fineness.
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