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Suri Alpaca Fiber, 4 Inches, Madder Orange

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Natural Suri Alpaca Fiber, carefully skirted, then washed, ready to be carded for spinning into yarn, blended with other fibers, or spun right from the locks for a textured art yarn. Suri Fiber is wonderful as embellishment in needle and wet felting projects, can be woven with, decorated with, even knit or crocheted. Longer length fiber also makes beautiful doll hair.

This is the prime fiber grown by a suri alpaca named "Lorelei", 13 years old at time of shearing, and is of medium fineness. It has been dyed with a Gaywool dye color called Madder Orange. Her fiber is not as soft as it once was, but soft enough to be spun into some pretty yarn. It could also be used in felting, craft, and weaving projects. Higher grades of suri such as hers make wonderful novelty yarns and loopy boucle yarns with lots of volume and texture.

Each package contains 2 ounces of fiber. Two ounces of fiber will fill a sandwich size baggie. The locks average approximately 4" when pulled straight, from cut end to tip.


Suri alpacas are distinguished in the camelid family by their unique fiber characters. The fiber grows parallel to the body while hanging in long, separate, distinctive locks. Its artistic style enhances the graceful appearance of the animal compared to the soft, woolly look of huacaya alpacas. Suri fiber locks, made up of high-luster fibers, drape down the sides of the body in a twisted or flat form of various size. Suri fiber has a slick hand and softness with an exquisite luster.

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