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Suri Alpaca Fiber, 4 Inches, Felici

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This suri alpaca fiber was grown by an alpaca named Lorelei, 13 years old at time of shearing. Her fiber averages approximately 4" in length, and is of medium fineness. Though still soft, her fiber is not as fine as it once was, but will work well in many applications. It has been hand-dyed with Gaywool dye colors Cornflower, Azalea, and Violet using a low immersion dyeing technique. Fiber is ready to be carded for spinning or spun right from the locks for a textured art yarn. Suri fiber is also wonderful as embellishment in needle felting projects and to add texture in nuno felting. It can be used for various crafts, can even be used to embellish weaving, knit and crocheted projects.

This listing is for two ounces of fiber, which fills a sandwich size baggie.

Suri alpacas are distinguished in the camelid family by their unique fiber characters. The fiber grows parallel to the body while hanging in long, separate, distinctive locks. Its artistic style enhances the graceful appearance of the animal compared to the soft, wooly look of huacaya alpacas.

Suri fiber locks, made up of high-luster fibers, drape down the sides of the body in a twisted or flat form of various size. Suri fiber has a slick hand and softness with an exquisite luster.

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