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Suri Alpaca Fiber, 4 Inches, Beige with Light Fawn, "Treaty"

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This is the prime fiber grown by a very pretty suri alpaca named "Treaty". It is beige with subtle streaks of light and dark fawn interspersed, and is approximately 4" in length. At not quite fifteen years old at the time of shearing, her fiber is not as soft as it once was, but soft enough to be spun into some pretty yarn. It could also be used in felting, craft, and weaving projects. Higher grades of suri such as hers make wonderful novelty yarns and loopy boucle yarns with lots of volume and texture.

This listing is for two ounces of Suri Alpaca Fiber, carefully skirted, then prewashed, ready to be carded for spinning into a lovely, silky, lightweight yarn, blended with other fibers, or spun right from the locks for a textured art yarn. Suri spins into a good, strong, drapey yarn. Suri alpaca is nice blended with silk, seacell, tencel, cormo, merino, kid mohair and rambouillet, and usually 10% is enough.

Suri fiber adds interest to needle and wet felting projects, can be woven with, decorated with, even knit or crocheted. Longer length suri fiber is wonderful as doll hair, simply look for the tips of each lock and pull away from the rest of the fiber.
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