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S10 Fully Loaded Spinning Wheel

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This is a fully "tricked out" spinning wheel with all the bells and whistles. Every accessory you could want. Includes Double Treadle, 5 Spoke wheel, both Irish and Scotch tension heads, Art Yarn Flyer and 3 Bulky Bobbins, Irish and Scotch Flyers with sliding guides, 3 Irish and 3 Scotch Standard Bobbins, Highspeed Set, Stand Alone Lazy Kate and a Bag.

With this wheel, the spinning enthusiast can spin everything from sewing thread & lace-weight yarn to bulky novelty yarns. (Yes, really!) Also great for plying due to the large bobbins. A spinner’s dream.

The S10 Concept has its origins in the first wheel Louet made over 40 years ago. 20, 30 and-40 year-old S10’s are commonly used by spinners around the world, every day. Your S10 will last for generations with minimal upkeep required to keep it spinning.


  • 5 spoke wheel
  • Both Irish tension and Scotch tension heads
  • Art Yarn Flyer
  • 3 bulky bobbins
  • Irish tension and Scotch tension flyers with sliding guides
  • 3 Irish tension and 3 Scotch tension standard bobbins
  • Scotch Tension high-speed set
  • Stand-alone Lazy Kate
  • A carrying bag


Our bobbins all have whirls with three options for three ratio settings, allowing you to customize your yarn. These ratios are:

  • 1:5:5- For use with heavy yarns and slow spinning
  • 1:7:5- Perfect for medium yarns
  • 1:10:5- used with fine yarns or fast spinning


Main wheel: 19 3/4″ (50 cm)
Orifice: 1/2″ (12 mm), height from the ground 27 5/8” (70 cm)
Weight: 13 lb (6 kg)

***SPINNING WHEELS SHIP DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER*** Most of our fiber equipment is shipped directly from the manufacturer who are dealing with shortages and shipping delays during this season, resulting in some items being back-ordered, sometimes up to several months. For estimated shipping times, contact us before ordering.

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