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S10 Fully Loaded Spinning Wheel

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This is a fully "tricked out" spinning wheel with all the bells and whistles. Every accessory you could want.

With this wheel, the spinning enthusiast can spin everything from sewing thread & lace-weight yarn to bulky novelty yarns. (Yes, really!) Also great for plying due to the large bobbins. A spinner’s dream.

The S10 Concept has its origins in the first wheel Louet made over 40 years ago. 20, 30 and-40 year-old S10’s are commonly used by spinners around the world, every day. Your S10 will last for generations with minimal upkeep required to keep it spinning.


  • 5 Spoke Double Treadle Wheel
  • Both Irish tension and Scotch Tension Heads
  • Art Yarn Flyer
  • 3 Bulky Bobbins
  • Irish Tension and Scotch Tension Flyers with Sliding Guides
  • 3 Irish Tension Bobbins
  • 3 Scotch Tension Standard Bobbins
  • Scotch Tension High-Speed Set
  • Stand-Alone Lazy Kate
  • Storage Bag


Our bobbins all have whirls with three options for three ratio settings, allowing you to customize your yarn. These ratios are:

  • 1:5:5- For use with heavy yarns and slow spinning
  • 1:7:5- Perfect for medium yarns
  • 1:10:5- used with fine yarns or fast spinning


  • Wheel Diameter: 19.75″ (50 cm)
  • Orifice Diameter: 0.5″ (12 mm),
  • Orifice Height: 27.625” (70 cm)
  • Weight: 13 lbs. (6 kg)

Looking for roving to spin on your beautiful new spinning wheel? Take a look here at our roving!

Spinning Wheels are shipped directly from the manufacturer who are dealing with shortages and shipping delays during this season, resulting in some items being back-ordered, sometimes up to several months. For estimated shipping times, contact us before ordering.

As per our agreement with Louet, we can sell to customers in the United States only. To find a dealer in your country, click here.

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