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Roving Dye Kit

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Learn to dye your own roving for spinning or felting! This kit gives detailed, down to earth, easy to understand instructions, and provides a great base of knowledge on which to build your dyeing techniques. Combine beautiful alpaca roving with acid dyes by Gaywool, made in Australia. These dyes include the mordant and dye bath acidifier and thus all that is necessary to produce true to type color fast dyeing.

This technique is a simple, safe, in your kitchen method of creating your own hand-dyed roving. The same techniques can also be used for yarn or raw fiber.

The kit includes four ounces of alpaca roving, three different Gaywool dyestuff colors, three plastic bottles for mixing dye, plastic gloves, and illustrated instructions.

*Please note there is an error on cover of instructions. This kit includes 4 ounces of roving, not 8. My apologies.

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