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Pistachio Cream Alpaca Fingerless Gloves

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These squishy, soft alpaca fingerless gloves are sure to keep you warm, and will feel luxuriously wonderful when you are wearing them on any outdoor adventure! These cozy gloves are hand crocheted with textured stitches using a 100% alpaca yarn called Espiral. This yarn is hand painted and spun to give the look of a random handspun yarn, which results in two random gloves that are not exactly the same. They have a snug fitting ribbed cuff, and a thumb. The yarn color used is called Pistachio Cream.

Also known as pulse warmers, people living in the colder mountainous areas of Europe have worn fingerless gloves for centuries. By warming the arteries in your wrists, wrist warmers, arm warmers, and the like, they assist in keeping your whole body warmer. Fingerless gloves are more than a winter or an outdoor accessory. You can wear them indoors and depending on how thick they are, in most seasons. Wonderful in cold offices, they don’t hinder your fingers like gloves.

Alpaca fiber is naturally wonderful to the touch, has a soft and comforting feel that you can wear next to your skin. Alpaca is warmer and stronger than the fiber of other animals, is light weight, and quite water resistant. Yocum-McCall testing laboratories has shown alpaca to be three times warmer than sheep's wool. How's that for warm?

These gloves measure 9 inches in length and are 7 inches around which should fit a small to medium size hand.

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