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PacaPoppit - Alpaca Bubble Popper Fidget Toy

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The best fidgeting is with an alpaca! Push Pops Bubble Sensory Alpaca Poppet for kids, and adults too! Press the bubbles down as they make a "pop" sound, when finished flip the alpaca poppet over and start again (one side pops quietly).

Alpaca poppits are sensory toys for children. They are not just a good gift for kids but also for people with autism, the eldery, and adults who take a moment to relieve a little stress.

They can be played as a game. Each player can pop one or more adjoining poppit circles in the same row. Taking turns, the player with no remaining poppits wins.

Durable and washable with soap and water.

Material: Made of high quality grade silicon. Safe and tasteless, soft to the touch.

Age: 3+

Size: Approximately 6" x 7" x .75"
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