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Originals Starter Kit

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Originals Starter Kits are an ideal way to try out the Original Gaywool Dye colors for the first time, and a great way to try out some different colors without having to spend a bunch. This Starter Kit includes six different colors in packets weighing a little less than an ounce (20gms). This is a sample size compared to the 100 gram packets available when purchasing the Original dye colors individually. Each sample packet is enough to dye approximately 5.6 ounces of fiber or fabric to a medium shade.

These dyes do not require additional chemicals to be added making them very quick and easy to use.

With so many variables in shade and intensity we recommend that you record your results and if you are duplicating colors you will then have accurate records which you can use again to achieve the same result.

Six 20gm packages of a pre-selected assortment of Originals colors
1 Originals Color Card
1 Pair of Black Lightning Gloves
Instructions for Dyeing

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