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Needle Felted Snowman

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This cute needle felted Snowman is created with wool roving around a solid alpaca fiber core, using a process called needle felting. It's about 7" tall with coal black eyes and buttons, a carrot nose, a sporty blue and red hat, a blue and red scarf, and a big smile.

This cheery snowman would make a unique Christmas decoration that can be kept out during the winter after the holidays have passed, or a special gift for family or friend.

Needle felting is the process of repeatedly pushing a barbed needle into a tuft of fiber, agitating, compressing, and locking the fiber together into a more dense mass of fiber. This snowman began with a nylon knee high stuffed with alpaca fiber, then wrapped with alpaca wool roving. Different techniques are used for adding arms, and facial features. The entire process involves many hours and lots of poking with a felting needle to shape and create the finished piece, kind of like sculpting, but with fiber rather than clay. Each felted piece is a labor of love.

Though soft and wonderful to touch, please keep in mind this is a handmade collectible item, not intended for play.

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