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Louet S10 Art Yarn Spinning Wheel

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The ideal wheel for those who spin art yarns or bulkies. This double treadle, Irish tension wheel (bobbin-lead) spins wonderful bulkies, art and novelty yarns with ease. This wheel also has the ability to spin medium-thickness yarns as well. Perfect for plying.

Louet products are known worldwide for their excellence in quality, design and workmanship. Louet BV, located in Holland, began designing and manufacturing Louet spinning and weaving equipment in 1976. Superior engineering and high-quality workmanship have been the cornerstone of Louet spinning and weaving equipment for the past 30 years and remains very important to this day.

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5 spoke wheel
Wheel Diameter: 19.75" (50cm)
Orifice: 0.5" (12mm)
Orifice Height: 27.625" (70cm)
Weight: 13 lbs. (6kg)
Art Yarn Flyer
3 Bulky Bobbins
Stand-alone Lazy Kate
1:5:5- For use with heavy yarns and slow spinning
1:7:5- Perfect for medium yarns
1:10:5- Used with fine yarns or fast spinning
Bulky Bobbin Ratios 1:4, 1:5, 1:6
Optional Accessories:
S10 Standard Bobbin
S10 High Speed Bobbin
S10 High Speed Fatcore Bobbin
S10 Art Yarn Bobbin
High Speed Sliding Hook Flyer
Standard Sliding Hook Flyer
S10 Carry Bag
Louet Stand Alone Skeinwinder

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