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Lil' Grey Baby Goat

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There are few things more charming than a pen full of romping baby Goats and we think we’ve summed up their best features in our Lil' Grey Baby Goat! Large, soulful eyes and stitched facial details come together to create an endearing expression that will have Goat lovers swooning. A medley of creams and greys lend this cuddly plush coat a mottled, lifelike appearance. Because he’s only a baby, his horns are still only tiny nubs atop his head. Bring home a little piece of the barnyard when you adopt this Lil' Grey Baby Goat as your own. He truly is the perfect pet, small enough to fit into a pocket and requiring only minimal maintenance!


24 Months & Up


5.5 × 6 × 6 in


15 cm



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